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Jurisdictional & Geographic Data by NPA NXX

Produced: on or before 5th calendar day monthly
Current Release: June 4, 2024
Distribution Frequency: monthly or quarterly (issue date: January, April, July, October)
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Jurisdictional, geographic, and related data for each North American NPA NXX call point.

Central Office Code / NXX assignments within an area code / NPA are based on Rate Centers1 which are unique geographical areas within a particular state, province, or territory. A Rate Center may be a section of a large city, a specific town, or an area encompassing multiple towns.

Rate Centers historically define an area in which wireline (or wireline to cellular) calls originating and terminating within its boundaries (based on NXXs defined to the Rate Center) are considered local calls. Similarly intra-MTA cellular to cellular calls are considered local regardless of Rate Center.

Rate Centers are defined in local exchange tariffs filed by incumbent or principal wireline carriers in the area and are generally observed by competitive carriers serving the same area. Rate Centers have associated V&H Coordinates, derived from latitude and longitude, which are used to simplify computing distances between Rate Centers. These distances are a component in determining charges for a call for rate plans that are based on distances.

1See telecom industry Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Guidelines (COCAG), Thousands-Block Number (NXX-X) Pooling Administration Guidelines

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NPA NXX Master Assignments File
FieldData TypeField Description
NPACHAR (3)Numbering Plan Area code, the first three digits of a 10 digit North American Numbering Plan (NANP) number, commonly called the Area Code.
NXXCHAR (3)Central Office Code, the first three digits following the Area Code in a 10 digit NANP number, commonly called the telephone exchange or prefix.
BLOCK_IDCHAR (1)Block identifier. Implies, represents, or identifies either the entire group of 10,000 numbers or a specific group of 1,000 numbers within the NPA NXX.
TBP_INDCHAR (1)Thousands-block pooling indicator.
LATACHAR (5)Local Access and Transport Area (LATA), or LATA-like code of the Rate Center.
LTYPECHAR (1)Identifies whether the primary use of the NPA NXX is wireless or landline based on its initial assignment.
CONTAMCHAR (1)For pooled numbers, specifies whether the thousands-block allocation is contaminated (i.e. the block contains at least one number that cannot be assigned).
STATECHAR (2)State or province postal abbreviation of the Rate Center locale.
COUNTRYCHAR (2)ISO 3166-1 Country Code of the Rate Center locale.
WCVARCHAR (128)Name of the Serving Wire Center, also referred to as the Wire Center, Central Office, or exchange. Decoded from the first 8 characters of the switch CLLI code, this field will identify at a minimum the city location of the telco switch. The Wire Center identifies where service for a particular NPA NXX originates from which may be different than the NPA NXX service area.
SWITCHCHAR (11)The Common Language® Location Identifier (CLLI) code of the telco switch serving the NPA NXX. This field is generally present for all United States and Canadian records. For NXXs in the Caribbean and Bermuda NPAs, the SWITCH field may be populated with SWCHxxUNKNO, where xx identifies one of the countries or territories in the Caribbean or Bermuda.
RCSTATUSVARCHAR (2)Specifies whether Number Pooling is required within this Rate Center. Currently applies to United States entries only.
RCTYPECHAR (1)Identifies whether the Rate Center is a zoned or non-zoned Rate Center.
RCCHAR (10)Industry standard Rate Center Name Abbreviation.
RCVINTEGERThe four or five digit V&H coordinate system vertical coordinate of the Rate Center.
RCHINTEGERThe four or five digit V&H coordinate system horizontal coordinate of the Rate Center.
RCLONGVARCHAR (128)Full name of the geographical Rate Exchange Area, commonly referred to as the Rate Center. A Rate Center identifies the geographic area (i.e. locality, town, or city) served by a particular NPA NXX combination.
TZCHAR (2)Time zone of the Rate Center locale.
DSTCHAR (1)Y/N flag indicating whether daylight saving time is observed.
ZIPVARCHAR (5)5-digit United States ZIP or 3-character Canadian Forward Sortation Area code for the Rate Center locale.
ZIP2VARCHAR (5)Second possible ZIP or FSA code
ZIP3VARCHAR (5)Third possible ZIP or FSA code
ZIP4VARCHAR (5)Fourth possible ZIP or FSA code
FIPSCHAR (5)United States FIPS county code or Canadian Census Division code.
FIPS2CHAR (5)Second possible FIPS or Census Division code
FIPS3CHAR (5)Third possible FIPS or Census Division code
CBSACHAR (5)United States Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) or Canadian Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) code.
CBSA2CHAR (5)Second possible CBSA or CMA code
MSACHAR (4)Historical 4-digit Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) code of the MSA the Rate Center is located in. MSA codes have been replaced with the 5-digit CBSA codes.
PMSACHAR (4)Historical 4-digit Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) code of the PMSA the Rate Center is located in. PMSA codes have been replaced with the 5-digit CBSA code.
LATITUDEDOUBLELatitude in decimal degrees of the general NPA NXX service area.
LONGITUDEDOUBLELongitude in decimal degrees of the general NPA NXX service area.
OCN_CATEGORYCHAR (1)Identifies the general company/carrier "type" of the OCN.
OCNCHAR (4)4-character Operating Company Number (OCN) also known as a NECA Company Code, identifying the NPA NXX code-holder or block-holder.
DERIVED_FROM_NPACHAR (3)Indicates the previous NPA that existed in the area covered by a given NPA. In cases of overlays, some or all of the previous NPAs may still cover the area. The OVERLAY field should be referenced to determine how to interpret this field.
NEWNPAVARCHAR (20)Specifies the new area code to be used with the NXX or new area code(s) created in the same coverage area as the current area code. The OVERLAY field should be referenced to determine how to interpret this field.
OVERLAYCHAR (1)Single character field to determine how the DERIVED_FROM_NPA and NEWNPA fields should be interpreted.
MTA1INTEGERMajor Trading Area
MTA2INTEGERSecond Major Trading Area
BTAINTEGERBasic Trading Area
NXXTYPECHAR (2)2-digit code identifying the function that the Central Office Code (NXX) or Thousands Block is performing. This field further defines the service type specified in the LTYPE field.
OLSONVARCHAR (128)Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) time zone database time zone identifier or time zone name for the Rate Center geographic location. The IANA time zone database is also referred to as the tz database, the zoneinfo database, and the Olson database.
UTCCHAR (6)The standard time Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset at this location. Format is +\-HH:MM.
LIRVARCHAR (128)Name of Local Interconnection Region rate center is assigned to if any.

LATA Assignments File
FieldData TypeField Description
LATANUMBER (5)The Local Access Transport Area code.
STATECHAR (2)Two character state, province, or territory abbreviation of the NPA/NXX Service Center location.
COUNTRYCHAR (2)This two character field is the ISO 3166 Country Code for LATA location
LOCATIONVARCHAR (64)Generalized name defining the LATA location

OCN (Carrier) Assignments File
FieldData TypeField Description
OCNCHAR (4)4-character state or regional Operating Company Number (OCN) also known as a NECA Company Code.
OVERALL_OCNCHAR (4)4-character overall Operating Company Number (OCN).
TYPEVARCHAR (8)Type of carrier or service provider
NECACHAR (1)Specifies whether the particular OCN is a National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) member.
COMPANYVARCHAR (128)The legal or generally formal name of the service provider.
DBAVARCHAR (128)The commonly recognized business name of the service provider.
CommonNameVARCHAR (128)The common consumer recognized trade name of the service provider.
HOLDINGVARCHAR (128)The service provider holding company if any.
MANAGEMENTVARCHAR (128)The service provider management company if any.
AddressVARCHAR (64)Headquarters street address.
Address2VARCHAR (20)Headquarters additional address information.
CityVARCHAR (64)Headquarters city or location name.
StateCHAR (2)Headquarters state or province.
ZipVARCHAR (10)Headquarters zip or postal code.
CountryCHAR (2)Headquarters country.
SMSVARCHAR (128)SMS domain name.
RuralCHAR (1)Carrier is designated a rural carrier. United States exchanges only.

County Cross-Reference File
FieldData TypeField Description
CountyCodeCHAR (5)Five-digit U.S. FIPS county code or four-digit Statistics Canada Census Division code.
CountryCHAR (2)Two character country abbreviation
StateCHAR (2)Two character state, province, or territory abbreviation
NameVARCHAR (128)Name of the county or division
TypeVARCHAR (80)Organizational recognition of the county or division
LandAreaNUMBERCounty or Census Division land area in square miles
Pop2006NUMBERU.S. Census Bureau, Population Division or Statistics Canada reported 2006 population

Metropolitan Area Assignments File
FieldData TypeField Description
CBSACHAR (5)5-digit Core Based Statistical Area code (United States) or 3-digit Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) or Census Agglomeration (CA) code (Canada).
CSACHAR (3)Three-digit Combined Statistical Area code if the CBSA is part of a larger statistical area.
AREA_NAMEVARCHAR (64)Official name of the statistical area.
STATEVARCHAR (20)Abbreviated state code(s) for the statistical area.
AREA_TYPEVARCHAR (64)Metropolitan or Micropolitan statistical area.

OMB MSA-PMSA Assignments File
FieldData TypeField Description
MSACHAR (4)4-digit Metropolitan Statistical Area code.
TYPEVARCHAR (8)Identifies whether the code is an MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), PMSA (Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area), or CMSA (Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area).
NAMEVARCHAR (128)Official name of the MSA, PMSA or CMSA.
CMSACHAR (2)2-digit Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area.
POPULATIONINTEstimated year 2000 population

Major Trading Area Codes File
FieldData TypeField Description
MTACHAR (5)Major Trading Area (MTA) or Economic Region Code.
CountryCHAR (2)2-Character ISO 3166 Country Code.
Market_NameVARCHAR (128)Unabbreviated market name.

Basic Trading Area Codes File
FieldData TypeField Description
BTACHAR (5)Basic Trading Area (BTA) Code.
BTANameVARCHAR (128)Unabbreviated market name.